At Electrix Renewable, we understand the importance of keeping your solar system performing at its best. Regular maintenance and servicing are key to ensuring your system’s longevity, efficiency and overall return on investment.

Serving Devon and its surrounding areas, we offer top-tier servicing to help you make the most of your renewable energy system.


An annual service ensures that your system stays in good condition, with any faults or dips in generation swiftly identified and rectified. While most panels self-clean with the help of average rainfall, elements like local weather, bird activity, and overhanging trees may require occasional professional cleaning. Although not necessarily an annual need, a yearly check ensures that dirty panels do not reduce your system's generation.

Importantly, our comprehensive maintenance, cleaning, and repair services are available regardless of whether you originally purchased your solar panels from us. We believe in promoting renewable energy use and maximising the benefits for all users. Our ultimate commitment is to ensure that your investment in solar energy continues to deliver maximum returns, year after year.

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We offer systems for all budgets.

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  • Keith

    We have had Jason and Chase with us this week to install an EV charging point at Mariners Lodge.

    This is just to acknowledge that they were professional, charming,  great to have around and did an excellent installation.

    You are lucky to have people of their caliber in your team.

    Mariners Lodge
  • Mr A
    Many thanks for all your help and for providing an excellent package, in a short timescale.
    Mr A
  • Mr L
    Many thanks for this, all seems to be working well presently and very pleased with all completed
    Mr L
  • Mr M
    Thanks very much for your help. The process was quicker than expected/feared! The system is working very well ... thanks to sunny weather.  As of this morning the panels had generated 180kWh; the battery is down to about 60% each morning, and recharged by about 09.30; and the iBoost means we have had "free" hot water since last Saturday (and the gas boiler has been switched off).
    Mr M
  • Redcliffe Court
    We highly recommend Electrix Ltd. The work was completed in the time frame promised, and was undertaken in a very professional manner.
    Redcliffe Court
  • westomatic
    I have known Electrix for many years now, and find them reliable, friendly, trustworthy, and competitively priced. They have completed many large and small projects for companies I have work for, their work and reliability are second to none. I would highly recommend them.
  • My Future Living
    The work Electrix carry out for us is always of a high standard, they are great with our tenant’s and overall, a very professional firm. All of this comes with good pricing and I would recommend their services highly.
    My Future Living
  • Jameson Homes
    We have always found Electrix to be extremely professional and the quality of work exceptional together with their attention to detail and the willingness to perform and succeed within build programme targets.
    Jameson Homes